Tenerife a destination with multiple opportunities

Tenerife is a well-known tourist destination, its location, its climate and its large number of beaches make the island a place of pilgrimage for tourism. But on the island of Tenerife we ​​can discover many more places that despite not being secret, many of the tourists overlook them.

Corona Forestal a unique space in Tenerife

The natural park Corona Forestal is one of them. A unique space that will not leave any tourist indifferent. From a geological point of view in the space of the park are represented all the geological stages of the island.

The Corona Forestal Park is an extensive terrain with high mountain vegetation where you can find the typical Canarian pine species along with the most characteristic animals of the area, such as birds or rabbits. It should be noted that this park is a protected area but you can enjoy the park by doing activities such as hiking, cycling routes or even horseback riding.

From the historical point of view this space is of major importance, since many of the ancient Guanches inhabited the area, as a result of which you can find various caves and remains of deposits as well as remains of funerary structures.

Knowing the Corona Forestal is another way to enjoy the wonders of the island of Tenerife and that can also be combined with a tourism of sun and beach. Tenerife is a destination with many options that is never finished but you will always find different jewels to enjoy and get to know the island more.

If you are doubtful about which destination to choose for the summer holidays, come to Tenerife and you will be able to enjoy places and sensations never before experienced that you will remain engraved in your memory like a good memory of the vacations.


Tenerife an island for holidays

The adeje coast is an incredible place to enjoy the good weather of the island of Tenerife as well as its beaches.

The south of tenerife a destination to discover

From small and hidden coves, to the urban beaches with all the services available the reach of the hand. Tenerife is a place full of possibilities to enjoy a holiday sun and beach.

But not only that; on the south coast of the island you can discover unexpected treasures from caves in which to see the sunset is a real wonder, to places hiking trails that can be made by the area.

A stroll along the Teide or by the cliffs of the Christians, will be a unique experience in which you can enjoy incredible views. Trekking in the south of the island is another way of knowing and enjoying an island with thousands of possibilities.

Last but not least to know a place in all its extension is to taste its gastronomy, one of the most well-known dishes of the island are the wrinkled potatoes, which are potatoes cooked in water

with their own skin and accompanied by the typical sauce called Mojo picon, a dish that is mandatory to try to capture all the essence of Tenerife.

A destination like the south of Ternerife is an ideal place to spend a different vacation and know the island.



Guaza a unique mountain

The natural monument of the Mountain of Guaza is a natural space located in the zone of Arona.

Guaza a mountain with many possibilities

The mountain was considered for a long time by the natives as a sacred place, it is also an ideal place to be able to observe some of the seabirds that are established in the area.

With warm climate and with little precipitation makes the Mountain of Guaza an ideal place to enjoy the sport and to know new places with a breathtaking view. It is an ideal place for running or trekking Its volcanic origin gives rise to very picturesque formations that leaves us great cliffs called the Mesas De Guaza

La Montaña de Guaza is one of the most picturesque places on the island, a place worth knowing and enjoying its views.


Holidays in tenerife, a place with many possibilities

If you are already planning your holidays, tenerife is a destination to value. A holidays in Tenerife, give many more options than sun and beach, although these two are the main attractions of the island.

Tenerife an island to explore

The natural parks that exist on the island give many opportunities to discover the interior of the island, either you can take a walk in the Barranco del Inferno, letting us be surprised by its wonderful natural surroundings, as well as other sports such as cycling, In fact many elite athletes come to Tenerife to prepare their season due to the good weather it has.

Another of the attractions of a holidays in Tenerife, are its seabed. You can do sports, either alone or with your family, such as snorkeling and for the more adventurous you can also have fun with scuba diving and enjoy the wonderful scenery under the sea.

If on the other hand you prefer calmer sports like the Golf, you can practice them in the different fields that you have as much for the north as for the south of Tenerife.

Another must visit on a holidays in Tenerife is the visit to the Teide National Park, with its characteristic volcano. The Teide volcano, called the roof of Spain has a height of 3718m. The whole landscape around it is volcanic so its flora and fauna keep this special characteristics

These are just some of the attractions to enjoy a holidays in Tenerife, but there are also many more things to discover, such as its villages, its architecture, its gastronomy and its people, as well as its incredible beaches where you can enjoy Both on urban beaches, on virgin beaches, alone or with family.

As you can see a holidays in Tenerife are synonymous with new experiences and adventures as well as relaxation and tranquility.


Tenerife an island for summer

Visit tenerife and enjoy the island

If this summer you decide to visit Tenerife with children, here we tell you 5 plans so you can have fun with them knowing the island

1 Climb to the highest mountain in Spain.

If seen Tenerife a getaway to the Teide is a must, from the roof of Spain you can see the entire length of the island.

2 A boat ride with the dolphins.

Going for a boat trip is always a good way to connect with nature and even more if we have our cetacean side as whales and dolphins.

3 To enter the interior of the earth.

The volcanic terrain of the island results in unique shapes such as the wind cave through which we can walk through the volcanic tunnel inside the island

4 Enjoy the water parks.

Huge pools, vertigo slides and many more attractions to spend a day of fun with the smallest of the house

5 Visit the pyramids of Guimar

Feel like an authentic islander walking among its pyramids and discovering the vegetation of its botanical garden

These are some of the plans that can be made with children on the island, but there are still more treasures to discover.

Come and find out by yourself



Arona a place to Discover

Arona is one of the main tourist places located to the south of Tenerife. With a great variety of beaches along its coast.

In the area of ​​the coast of Arona you can enjoy its incredible beaches like las Galletas and the area of ​​the beach of the america. In most of its beaches there is the possibility of practicing different water sports, such as diving, practicing this sport you will discover the wonders of its seabed.

Other tourist attractions are presented to us as we travel through the interior of Arona. A stroll through the old town will uncover a large part of the treasures of Arona, corners and squares that have no waste or the church of San Antonio, one of the most unique constructions of the area.

In addition to all this we still have the possibility to make different hiking routes in which we can enjoy the nature of the island, its beautiful landscapes and also learn more about the history of the island.

As you see Tenerife has many places to discover, and to be able to realize another type of tourism that offers us more options than the sun and the beach

Don´t wait any longer and come and discover Tenerife!

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The Secrets of Tenerife: El Médano

El Médano beach is one of the best known in Tenerife, located in the village that bears the same name.

It is a beach with easy access, with the characteristic brown sand and blue waters is one of the busiest beaches in the area. In it you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the area as well as the terraces that are near the beach.

In El Médano you can have fun doing different water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing and not surfing It is a very recommendable beach to be visited with the family since it counts on surveillance although there is never enough to take the precaution of looking at the flag that is in the beach

If you want to enjoy the good weather and sun and beach tourism do not hesitate to get closer to the south of Tenerife, you will discover treasures that you did not expect


The Secrest of Tenerife: The Hidden Beaches

If you are tired of beaches crowded with people Tenerife offers the possibility to know other beaches in which you can enjoy the tranquility and peace necessary in a vacation.

A fantastic Landscape

Natural beaches such as those of Granadilla, reminiscent of the golden sand beaches of the Caribbean and very rarely visited by tourism

The beach of Cueva del Tacón is a spectacular place, where you can enjoy a good bath and be impressed with the beauty of its landscape. You can access the interior of the cave by swimming. A unique place that impresses

In the coast of El Tajao we can discover several beaches not very big and with the characteristic typical black sand of the island, they are very calm beaches in which one can enjoy a bath

These are just some of the beaches where you can enjoy the tranquility of the island, but there are many others and the best way to know thtenerife-tajaoem is to get closer to discover them


The Secrets of Tenerife: Ifara

Tenerife volcanic island

The volcanic origin of the island of Tenerife gives rise to very peculiar landscapes.

An example of this is the natural monument of the mountains of Ifara and Riscos. Each of them is a cone of volcanic origin, and both are in very good state of conservation.

Both mountains are not very high, in fact the highest of the two approaches about 300 meters. They are not very steep mountains but the slope could be said to be steady and smooth.

A espectacular Landscape

Besides the peculiar landscape that they leave us in these mountains, we can also appreciate the typical flora of the zone as they are the tabaibas; as well as its fauna of which we can highlight different types of birds.

Located in the south of the island the mountain of Ifara and the Riscos is a visit that must be realized to better understand the volcanic origin of the island.

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The Secrets of Tenerife:La Montaña Colorada

Tenerife volcanic island

Tenerife is an island of volcanic origin and this has much to do with its landscape and orogeny.

La Montaña Colorada is an environment of great scenic beauty, it is formed by an upper part that just as its slopes have been formed by the cooling of lava of the volcano.

The area is very rich in vegetation like the pine canary among other types trees, also it emphasizes of its fauna the owl or the sparrow hawk of many other animals

You can say that Montaña Colorada is a must see if you are on the island and you will know more treasures than Tenerife can show you