Arona a place to Discover

Arona is one of the main tourist places located to the south of Tenerife. With a great variety of beaches along its coast.

In the area of ​​the coast of Arona you can enjoy its incredible beaches like las Galletas and the area of ​​the beach of the america. In most of its beaches there is the possibility of practicing different water sports, such as diving, practicing this sport you will discover the wonders of its seabed.

Other tourist attractions are presented to us as we travel through the interior of Arona. A stroll through the old town will uncover a large part of the treasures of Arona, corners and squares that have no waste or the church of San Antonio, one of the most unique constructions of the area.

In addition to all this we still have the possibility to make different hiking routes in which we can enjoy the nature of the island, its beautiful landscapes and also learn more about the history of the island.

As you see Tenerife has many places to discover, and to be able to realize another type of tourism that offers us more options than the sun and the beach

Don´t wait any longer and come and discover Tenerife!

If you want to discover more treasures that keeps the island do not miss our next entry in our blog


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