The Secrest of Tenerife: The Hidden Beaches

If you are tired of beaches crowded with people Tenerife offers the possibility to know other beaches in which you can enjoy the tranquility and peace necessary in a vacation.

A fantastic Landscape

Natural beaches such as those of Granadilla, reminiscent of the golden sand beaches of the Caribbean and very rarely visited by tourism

The beach of Cueva del Tacón is a spectacular place, where you can enjoy a good bath and be impressed with the beauty of its landscape. You can access the interior of the cave by swimming. A unique place that impresses

In the coast of El Tajao we can discover several beaches not very big and with the characteristic typical black sand of the island, they are very calm beaches in which one can enjoy a bath

These are just some of the beaches where you can enjoy the tranquility of the island, but there are many others and the best way to know thtenerife-tajaoem is to get closer to discover them


The Secrets of Tenerife: Ifara

Tenerife volcanic island

The volcanic origin of the island of Tenerife gives rise to very peculiar landscapes.

An example of this is the natural monument of the mountains of Ifara and Riscos. Each of them is a cone of volcanic origin, and both are in very good state of conservation.

Both mountains are not very high, in fact the highest of the two approaches about 300 meters. They are not very steep mountains but the slope could be said to be steady and smooth.

A espectacular Landscape

Besides the peculiar landscape that they leave us in these mountains, we can also appreciate the typical flora of the zone as they are the tabaibas; as well as its fauna of which we can highlight different types of birds.

Located in the south of the island the mountain of Ifara and the Riscos is a visit that must be realized to better understand the volcanic origin of the island.

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The Secrets of Tenerife:La Montaña Colorada

Tenerife volcanic island

Tenerife is an island of volcanic origin and this has much to do with its landscape and orogeny.

La Montaña Colorada is an environment of great scenic beauty, it is formed by an upper part that just as its slopes have been formed by the cooling of lava of the volcano.

The area is very rich in vegetation like the pine canary among other types trees, also it emphasizes of its fauna the owl or the sparrow hawk of many other animals

You can say that Montaña Colorada is a must see if you are on the island and you will know more treasures than Tenerife can show you


Discover Tenerife: Barranco del Infierno

Tenerife is much more than beaches

In Tenerife you can feel nature in all its splendor.

Spring is a good time to go out and enjoy nature. In Tenerife you can not only enjoy the beaches, but there are also places such as the Barranco del Infierno, which are an entertaining spectacle.

The route begins very close to sea level and goes up to have a breathtaking view over the island and also the flora and fauna typical of the place. At the end of the road we will reach an impressive waterfall of approximately 200 meters high.

The history of an island.

An impressive excursion in which you will get to know other places of Tenerife and immerse yourself in its history through the traces of the past. An excellent opportunity to understand the culture of the town of Adeje, through its natural corners.

Do not miss this opportunity and come and discover the Barranco del Infienro and all the secrets that you can discover there.

bararnco-del-infierno adeje-barranco-infierno

Discover Tenerife: La caleta

La Caleta beach is a quiet place to enjoy a quiet day.

Located in the municipality of Adeje, the beach of caleta with its crystalline waters enamora to its visitors.

La Caleta is a solitary beach where we can enjoy the sea in its pure state

Paradise Court ApartHotel, located in Adeje, is the ideal place to enjoy a holiday on the island, relaxing with the good weather of the island and enjoying its people.

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Comienza el Carnaval en Los Cristianos

El carnaval Internacional de Los Cristianos dará su pistoletazo de salida este fin de semana. La temática de este año se centrará en la ciudad de Las Vegas, con todo el glamour, lujo y diversión como puede tener la ciudad anfitriona.

El carnaval se celebrará del 17 al 27 de este mes, con diferentes celebraciones durante todos los días

Si te quedaste con ganas de celebrar el carnaval este es el momento que estabas esperando. No lo dudes más y ven a Los Cristianos a vivir un carnaval mágico en donde puedes encontrarte a Marylin Monroe o Elvis entro otros muchos personajes.cristianos- carnaval

The treasures of Tenerife

The Canary Islands are not only a sun and beach tourism, but also other treasures to discover.

Today we want to talk about the Guaza Mountain Natural Monument. With a great historical value in it have been rest of old cultures and vestiges of the quarries from which they extracted the material for the local constructions or to send to Cuba. If you want to know more secrets of Tenerife you just have to approach the island and discover them for yourself


Travel to Tenerife, Sites of Interest

Plans to tu viaje a Tenerife

Are you thinking about venir to Tenerife? Want to know how to get most out of your trip?

Tenerife is one of the seven Canary Islands, most recognized for being the location of the great volcano and highest peak Spain, The Teide.

Getting around the island

On the island there are countless places to discover and visit. You should certainly see the historic centers of La Laguna, prime university area and great tradition; the historic Garachico, people who at the time was the largest port in Tenerife; Icod, Low tide with its natural pools; Candlemas, where is the patron saint of the islands, black sand beach, shopping area, and most striking, el Ride of the Guanches, where you will see sculptures of the ancient inhabitants of the islands; La Orotava, one of the most traditional and beautiful to visit, where you'll find, among other things, Pueblo Chico (; el Puerto de la Cruz, area of ​​high tourist activity; la capital, Santa Cruz, area of ​​great commercial activity and where we can find, among other things, great Audience, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, dazzle us with its incredible architecture.

Auditorio de Tenerife - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife

Paseo de los Guanches en Candelaria - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Paseo de los Guanches in Candelaria

Further south of the island we can find the tourist areas with many shopping areas, with great nightlife, casinos and beaches, such as The Americas, Los Cristianos, El Medano, Fanabe, The Giants, etc..

Playa de Las Américas - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Playa de Las Americas

Also in the south of the island, recommend the restaurant La Estancia, next to our Hotel, for a good lunch or dinner, with a unique and exclusive, since then, not leave you indifferent.

Restaurante La Estancia - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Places of Interest

Then, see a list of sites of interest:

Loro Parque: It's a favorite of our visitors give yourself over 40 years old. A zoo and nature reserve that will delight those who visit. This is, clearly, must.

Loro Parque, Free Tickets - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

Siam Park: The biggest water park in Europe is in Tenerife. Chosen among the world's best theme parks in the first edition of the Travellers' Choice 2013. Adrenaline and fun await you in this amazing corner of Tenerife.

Free Tickets Siam Park Tenerife

Lake Martianez: Location collecting large pools as a Lake, built next to the sea becomes one of the magical places where you can spend a great day. The pools are salt water, with caves and waterfalls that make this site an amazing place.

Lago Martianez - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

Lake Martianez

El Drago: The dragon tree is found in Icod. It is the oldest and largest of all known, measuring about 18 meters.

Drago Milenario - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

The Teide: 3718 meters high making it the highest peak in Spain. It is visible from almost any part of the island, and even, in good weather and clear skies, is visible from the other islands. His extraordinary landscape is a geological monument of the most spectacular in the world, where volcanic cones and lava flows form a beautiful set of colors and shapes. It has a rich biological, a high percentage of endemic plant species of great importance in terms of number and uniqueness of the invertebrate fauna.

El Teide - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

The Giants: The cliffs of Los Gigantes are very dark rock walls and high, falling vertically on the sea, that in the area, reaches over 30 meters deep. Depending on where we are, from the walls reach 500 to 800 meters.

Los Gigantes - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

All these places have to add a long list of wonderful beaches where you relax and spend a pleasant holiday. Here you will find a post dedicated to the Best Beaches in Tenerife.

These are just some of the reasons why we visit this island, but most of them, is the charm of it and the friendliness and freshness of its people. This, accompanied by the best weather all year.

I hope soon!

Paradise Court Aparthotel

Tenerife Gastronomic IV

IV Muestra Gastronómica de Tenerife - Regency Country ClubThe month of September is being carried out Tenerife Gastronomic IV in Adeje, which focuses its main attraction in the gastronomic variety of different restaurants in town.

This Top Road, includes tastings, show cooking, thematic workshops and complementary activities of exhibition and display.

For more information visit the following link:

Hiking in Tenerife 12 Months of Routes

Senderismo en Teneirfe 12 Meses de RutasBe carried out different routes hiking around the island Tenerife for the most beautiful corners of our island.

The next will:

5 October - cumbrecilla Road (Anaga)

10 November - Lunar Landscape (Vilaflor)

14 December - Rune Wine (South Camino Real)

Registration takes place in the Youth House Adeje and begin 30 days before each route.

Discover Tenerife and natural places with this great activity.