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Plans to tu viaje a Tenerife

Are you thinking about venir to Tenerife? Want to know how to get most out of your trip?

Tenerife is one of the seven Canary Islands, most recognized for being the location of the great volcano and highest peak Spain, The Teide.

Getting around the island

On the island there are countless places to discover and visit. You should certainly see the historic centers of La Laguna, prime university area and great tradition; the historic Garachico, people who at the time was the largest port in Tenerife; Icod, Low tide with its natural pools; Candlemas, where is the patron saint of the islands, black sand beach, shopping area, and most striking, el Ride of the Guanches, where you will see sculptures of the ancient inhabitants of the islands; La Orotava, one of the most traditional and beautiful to visit, where you'll find, among other things, Pueblo Chico (; el Puerto de la Cruz, area of ​​high tourist activity; la capital, Santa Cruz, area of ​​great commercial activity and where we can find, among other things, great Audience, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, dazzle us with its incredible architecture.

Auditorio de Tenerife - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife

Paseo de los Guanches en Candelaria - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Paseo de los Guanches in Candelaria

Further south of the island we can find the tourist areas with many shopping areas, with great nightlife, casinos and beaches, such as The Americas, Los Cristianos, El Medano, Fanabe, The Giants, etc..

Playa de Las Américas - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Playa de Las Americas

Also in the south of the island, recommend the restaurant La Estancia, next to our Hotel, for a good lunch or dinner, with a unique and exclusive, since then, not leave you indifferent.

Restaurante La Estancia - Planear tu viaje a Tenerife

Places of Interest

Then, see a list of sites of interest:

Loro Parque: It's a favorite of our visitors give yourself over 40 years old. A zoo and nature reserve that will delight those who visit. This is, clearly, must.

Loro Parque, Free Tickets - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

Siam Park: The biggest water park in Europe is in Tenerife. Chosen among the world's best theme parks in the first edition of the Travellers' Choice 2013. Adrenaline and fun await you in this amazing corner of Tenerife.

Free Tickets Siam Park Tenerife

Lake Martianez: Location collecting large pools as a Lake, built next to the sea becomes one of the magical places where you can spend a great day. The pools are salt water, with caves and waterfalls that make this site an amazing place.

Lago Martianez - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

Lake Martianez

El Drago: The dragon tree is found in Icod. It is the oldest and largest of all known, measuring about 18 meters.

Drago Milenario - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

The Teide: 3718 meters high making it the highest peak in Spain. It is visible from almost any part of the island, and even, in good weather and clear skies, is visible from the other islands. His extraordinary landscape is a geological monument of the most spectacular in the world, where volcanic cones and lava flows form a beautiful set of colors and shapes. It has a rich biological, a high percentage of endemic plant species of great importance in terms of number and uniqueness of the invertebrate fauna.

El Teide - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

The Giants: The cliffs of Los Gigantes are very dark rock walls and high, falling vertically on the sea, that in the area, reaches over 30 meters deep. Depending on where we are, from the walls reach 500 to 800 meters.

Los Gigantes - Planea tu viaje a Tenerife

All these places have to add a long list of wonderful beaches where you relax and spend a pleasant holiday. Here you will find a post dedicated to the Best Beaches in Tenerife.

These are just some of the reasons why we visit this island, but most of them, is the charm of it and the friendliness and freshness of its people. This, accompanied by the best weather all year.

I hope soon!

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Summer Jam 2013

Summer Jam 2013 at Siam Park

Summer Jam 2013 - Siam Park - Tenerife

On Saturday September 14th will take place one of the most crowded festivals in Tenerife, Summer Jam 2013 at the Water Park Siam Park, just 15 minutes from our hotel.

Electronic music for all tastes with a variety of artists in the idyllic place to say goodbye to summer.

In previous years this event drew thousands of people who were fulfilled their expectations about the event, and many will repeat.

The lineup is composed of the following DJ’s: Real El Canario, R3hab, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Mastiksoul, Genairo Nvilla, Freestylers, Aldair Silva and Jacobo Padilla.

Book your stay with us and close the summer as it deserves, with a big party.

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Siam Park: uno de los mejores parques de atracciones del Mundo


En total 16 lugares de interés españoles, entre los que se encuentran sitios de interés turístico, parques, museos, parques de atracciones y parques acuáticos, han sido premiados con reconocimientos internacionales.

Las comunidades españolas con mayor presencia en esta primera edición de los Travellers´ Choice Atracciones son Cataluña, Madrid, Andalucía, Islas Canarias, Islas Baleares, el País Vasco, la Comunidad Valenciana, Castilla y León y Galicia

Travellers' Choice 2013

Madrid, 25 de junio de 2013 -TripAdvisor®, la mayor web de viajes del mundo, ha presentado hoy los ganadores de los Travellers´ Choice Atracciones. En su primera edición, los premios galardonan a 1.263 de los principales sitios de interés turístico, parques, museos, atracciones y parques acuáticos del mundo. Estos premios están basados en las recomendaciones y valiosos comentarios de los viajeros de TripAdvisor. Los ganadores se encuentran en 39 países de todo el mundo, incluyendo listados para África, Asia, Australia, el Caribe, América Central, China, Europa, India, México, Oriente Medio, América del Sur, el Pacífico Sur y los EE.UU.Siam Park Tenerife

Los premios Travellers’ Choice Atracciones se determinaron en base a la calidad y cantidad de opiniones recibidas por los viajeros acerca de los lugares de interés en cada destino. España se encuentra posicionada entre los primeros puestos a nivel internacional. De hecho, en esta primera edición, se han premiado 10 sitios de interés turístico, 10 museos, 10 parques y 10 parques de atracciones españoles, entre los cuales 16 de ellos han sido reconocidos con galardones a nivel Europeo y mundial.

Las Islas Canarias han sido reconocidas por estos galardones posicionándose en muy buen lugar a nivel internacional en la categoría de “Parques de Atracciones”. Siam Park en Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ha sido premiado como el 10ª mejor parque de atracciones del mundo, 2º en Europa y 1º de España. Asimismo, el Lago Martianez en Puerto de la Cruz ha sido galardonado con el 13º puesto de Europa y 4º de España.

Para inspirar a los viajeros que comienzan sus viajes de verano, TripAdvisor ha nombrado las principales atracciones de todo el mundo en base a la valiosa información de millones de viajeros de todo el mundo”, comenta Blanca Zayas, responsable de comunicación de TripAdvisor en España. “Premiando a más de 1.200 ganadores, estos lugares ofrecen una experiencia enriquecedora y divertida para viajeros de todas las edades.

Para consultar el listado completo de ganadores, por favor haz click en el siguiente enlace:

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Surf in Tenerife – Surf in the Siam Park

Surf in Tenerife – Surf in the Siam Park with the biggest artificial wave in the world.

Do you like surfing? Are you one of those people that travels the world searching for the biggest waves?

If the answer is yes – then at the Siam Park you will find the world´s largest, at three metres high, artificial wave.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Paradise Court Aparthotel

The water park beats many records but it is for this that the park is recognized and talked about by all the intrepid surfers who dare to ride the crest of this incredible wave.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Paradise Court Aparthotel

In the wave pool you can swim in waters heated to a temperature of 24 degrees centigrade and bask on its sandy white beach.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Paradise Court Aparthotel

When the gong sounds – it´s showtime! To the delight of those that love adrenaline a huge wave appears as if from nowhere.

The Siam Park provides you with a telephone number (+34 902 060 000) where you can book this wonderful pool and surf to your hearts content.

You cannot miss the chance to enjoy your favourite sport in an idyllic setting perfect for the delight of everyone.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Paradise Court Aparthotel

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