Masca a magic destination

Masca is a small town that is located in the northwest of the island. It is located inside the Rural Park of Teno where we can see some spectacular landscapes in which its ravines reach the sea

Visit masca and discover its secrets

The rural park of Teno leaves us some spectacular images that we can enjoy from the Mirador de Chefre. If you like the mountain routes, here you will have a lot of possibilities to explore this beautiful natural park.
Another of the most striking things about Masca are the houses, as it seems that some of them are going to fall into the void. Taking a walk through the village is almost a must, as we can enjoy the charm it has.
The gully is one of the most impressive ravines that can be seen on the island, its vertical walls and narrow channels that lead us to the sea.
Masca is one of the visits that has to be done while staying in Tenerife. Remember that despite being on the island of eternal spring, temperatures and weather often change with respect to the coast so it is a good idea to go prepared if we do not have a sunny day.
As we can see in Tenerife in addition to the sun and beach there are other possibilities to visit the island and discover the secrets that has kept us. In this way we will have a much more enriching experience and we will know more about the island.
So you know if you are going to visit Tenerife do not stay alone with the beach as there are opportunities for many more plans.



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