Trekking en Tenerife

Trekking en Masca

La isla de Tenerife es conocida entre los amantes del trekking como uno de los lugares prefectos para practicarlo. La importancia del trekking en Tenerife nos lleva a hablar sobre uno de los lugares favoritos por los visitantes, Masca.

Trekking en Tenerife, Masca

Las excursiones al barranco de Masca, son realizadas todos los años por muchísimas personas, tanto residentes en la isla de Tenerife como visitantes.

Trekking en Tenerife, Masca

Masca está ubicado en el municipio de Buenavista del Norte, dentro del parque rural de Teno. Se encuentra a, aproximadamente, 1 hora en coche o autobús desde nuestro hotel, Paradise Court Aparthotel.

De camino al caserío, que es el inicio de la ruta, ya podemos quedar sorprendidos por la belleza de la naturaleza en la zona.

Trekking en Tenerife, MascaPara tomar el barranco y comenzar nuestra ruta, tenemos que bajar el pueblo, pasando por la iglesia de La Inmaculada Concepción, tras la que encontraremos un pequeño sendero bastante inclinado. Seguimos y encontramos un puente de madera que nos permite cruzar al otro lado del barranco, y desde aquí continuar el sendero pasando por antiguas tierras de cultivos para llegar a zonas con la vegetación típica de la zona.

Trekking en Tenerife, Masca

El sendero continúa sin prácticamente pérdida, y nos llevará hasta la fabulosa playa de Masca.

Trekking en Tenerife, Masca

Sin duda alguna es una de las rutas más famosas y visitadas de Tenerife, y si te animas a practicarla, seguro que no te arrepentirás.

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April, Tegueste Wine Month

Tegueste Wine Month

Abril, Mes del VinoComes Tegueste Wine Month one of the most important events of the year for this county, the sixth edition of the Wine Route and the Cover, an initiative involving a total of 30 bars and restaurants of the Village.

This event seeks to highlight one of the main sectors of the municipality, the primary sector, with the food and wine culture as the main drivers.

This initiative begins 1 April and end on 30. This month will be full of activities aim to value AE territory of the town of Tegueste.

This year's edition, take as its motto "Flavors of Tegueste"And meeting points will Commercial Zone Open and the Farmer's Market and Artisan Tegueste, among other areas. The program describes numerous activities related to culture, nature and gastronomy, where we emphasize the empowerment of local produce.

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Hill Walking in Tenerife

Hill Walking in Tenerife Can Be A Fascinating Experience For You

Hill Walking in Tenerife

Hill walking is the recreational outdoor activity of walking on hills with the intent of reaching its summit. If you are planning on indulging in this activity then Tenerife is the best place to do. You can explore the magical island and its beautiful and dramatic landscapes. There are many extensive programs on which you can explore spectacular coastlines that come with azure seas sheer black cliffs. For an enthusiastic walker finding pine forests, native woods and remote villages will be a wonderful experience.

The hills and mountains in this island provide great walking trails. These trails are steep and offer some great walks as you traverse different places and witness spectacular scenic beauty. The landscape is impressive for walks in the evening light. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan for walking Tenerife holidays and have a fantastic time ahead.

There are different emblematic points in the island which attracts the hill walkers. One of them among them is to Mount Teide. It is a challenging walk which is worth the effort. However, you must ensure that it is undertaken only by able walkers. The ascent can be pretty steep and it will test your stamina. Hill walking in Tenerife can be a fascinating idea especially if you love outdoor recreational activities. You should choose to stay in areas from where you can indulge in these activities.

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Explore The Island During Cycling Holidays in Tenerife

Explore The Island During Cycling Holidays in Tenerife

Cycling Holidays in Tenerife

Cycling is a popular recreational activity. It is a very effective and efficient mode of transportation. It is most favorable for short distances. Learning to ride safely and efficiently is important. Tenerife provides three different areas which are suitable for cycling. If you are passionate about cycling then you can bring your bike when you are planning for cycling holidays in Tenerife. It is essential to know that an airline will
transport the fee for a very nominal fee. However, if you don’t want to go through all the rigmarole then you can just hire one when you arrive. Continue reading

Experience the gastronomy in Tenerife for complete delight

Enjoy the best gastronomy

Gastronomy in Tenerife

Tenerife is reputed for its conventional Canarian cuisine that combines Spanish recipes with Latin American and African influences. The gastronomy in Tenerife is simple and complex too and hence surprises its unexpected rich taste. The local cuisine is possibly one of the popular among tourists. However, you can find other cuisines also which are appreciated by foreigners and locals living in Tenerife.

The cuisine reflects the influences of the country as the islands served as a main stop for Spanish ships. Wrinkled potatoes, rabbit in salmorejo sauce, and fish served withmojo and sweet and plain potatoes are some of the popular items that can be tasted when you taste the various delights in Tenerife. Fish is one of the common items and is probably the staple item which range in strength and flavor. Sancocho is one of the traditional stews that should be tasted at least once when you are holidaying in Tenerife. Gastronomy Tenerife also includes vegetarian delights like watercress soup, hotpot with chickpeas and a common dessert bienmesabe.

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