Tenerife a paradise for surfing

Surfing In Tenerife

Tenerife is a great place to surf. Then we advise some beaches to practice surfing

Las Conchas is one of the best known on the south coast. A place where the quality of the waves is exceptional. On this beach you can surf at any tide. Background of rocks. South wind. Waves of right, fast and tuberas. It breaks a right that generates powerful and long tubes. Small swell of northwest. Ideal in winter. Beach with showers, parking, restaurant, lifeguards and toilets.

Punta Blanca,Natural environment. Its situation, protected by mountains, creates a microclimate in which the temperatures do not usually descend from 20ºC. Waves from two to four meters.It usually enters the South Sea, especially in summer. Background of rocks. South wind. Waves big wave, left and right variable. Northwest strong swell. Ideal in winter.

Las Palmeras (Playa de las Américas). Difficulty average. One of the best beaches for surfing in the south of the island. The waves have a height of one and a half meters and of excellent quality at any time of the year

El Conquistador (Playa de las Américas). Considered to be one of the best on the island. In the Americas there is, in addition, a great surfing environment the waves usually have a meter and a half with rocky bottom is an ideal beach for any time of year

Las galletas.Pleasant village, famous for its tranquility. Waves of meter to three meters. All tides. Walls of sand and rocks, but mostly rocky. South wind. Variable waves and tubers. South strong swell. Ideal in summer. Beach with showers, parking, restaurant, lifeguard and toilets. In the village there are three points to surf.


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