Tenerife a destination with multiple opportunities

Tenerife is a well-known tourist destination, its location, its climate and its large number of beaches make the island a place of pilgrimage for tourism. But on the island of Tenerife we ​​can discover many more places that despite not being secret, many of the tourists overlook them.

Corona Forestal a unique space in Tenerife

The natural park Corona Forestal is one of them. A unique space that will not leave any tourist indifferent. From a geological point of view in the space of the park are represented all the geological stages of the island.

The Corona Forestal Park is an extensive terrain with high mountain vegetation where you can find the typical Canarian pine species along with the most characteristic animals of the area, such as birds or rabbits. It should be noted that this park is a protected area but you can enjoy the park by doing activities such as hiking, cycling routes or even horseback riding.

From the historical point of view this space is of major importance, since many of the ancient Guanches inhabited the area, as a result of which you can find various caves and remains of deposits as well as remains of funerary structures.

Knowing the Corona Forestal is another way to enjoy the wonders of the island of Tenerife and that can also be combined with a tourism of sun and beach. Tenerife is a destination with many options that is never finished but you will always find different jewels to enjoy and get to know the island more.

If you are doubtful about which destination to choose for the summer holidays, come to Tenerife and you will be able to enjoy places and sensations never before experienced that you will remain engraved in your memory like a good memory of the vacations.


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