The Secrets of Tenerife: Ifara

Tenerife volcanic island

The volcanic origin of the island of Tenerife gives rise to very peculiar landscapes.

An example of this is the natural monument of the mountains of Ifara and Riscos. Each of them is a cone of volcanic origin, and both are in very good state of conservation.

Both mountains are not very high, in fact the highest of the two approaches about 300 meters. They are not very steep mountains but the slope could be said to be steady and smooth.

A espectacular Landscape

Besides the peculiar landscape that they leave us in these mountains, we can also appreciate the typical flora of the zone as they are the tabaibas; as well as its fauna of which we can highlight different types of birds.

Located in the south of the island the mountain of Ifara and the Riscos is a visit that must be realized to better understand the volcanic origin of the island.

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